About Me


I help moms create more magic in their lives so their children can fully embrace the wonder of their childhood with curiosity and imagination, to raise mindful kids and live a slower pace, a slow childhood.

Growing up in Venice California as a latch-key kid makes me painfully aware of the need for more magic and handmade touches in children’s lives.  When we can give them something handmade a whole universe of magic opens up for that child.  Making things for our children and with our children creates wonderful slow moments that our children will treasure forever.

I started making dolls when my daughter was born in 2009.  I was very much in love with Waldorf dolls because of their natural materials and sweet expressions.  I also discovered the beauty of heirloom rag dolls and taught myself everything I could in order to create some dolls for my daughter.

As a mom of two now it’s even harder to find time to get creative time.  I know how hard it is to learn all the skills it takes to make one doll.  I know the countless hours we spend on Pinterest dreaming of one day creating a magical doll (nursery, party, childhood) for our own children.

I’ve always been creative, and am so super multi-passionate it’s boardering on crazy town.  I once studies to become a personal trainer.  Went to school to study psychology and child development, then switched majors to Animation and 3D animation.  That was way more fun than psychology let me tell you.  Lots of drawing classes… so many…  it was actually my husband (boyfriend at the time) who encouraged me to apply to the animation program.  He’s supported all my out there endeavors.  If you can find one person that thinks your enthusiasm for new things is cute, keep them!  Because the rest of the world isn’t nearly as supportive.  Got married, became keeper of the home, become mom of the best unicorn type person one could ever imagine….  then came the other one.  Haahaahaa.  He’s also a unicorn type person actually, but definitely different from my shy, introverted daughter.  When I found out I was pregnant with a boy I nearly had a life crisis.  I probably did actually come to think of it.  Changed my whole life that little guy.  Now I use everything I’ve learned to make dolls.